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With over 30 years experience in the returnable packaging industry we can cater for all of your all your returnable packaging needs.

About us

Contain-it has experience in designing and manufacturing returnable packaging solutions for blue chip companies across the globe with specific knowledge of the Industrial,automotive, engineering, recycling and fresh produce industries.


Based in the UK we have the capability to source, stock and deliver reused and recycled products to anywhere in the world in small and large quantities.


Contain-it has a range of plastic containers and metal cages are suitable for all industries who move goods around the workplace or multiple locations either regionally, nationally or internationally, specifically looking at Cube Utilisation in Vehicles and warehouses


We supply packaging solutions that cater for all of your storage requirements when in use and ensure you save space when not in use. Therefore, providing you with greater value for money by increasing capacity and saving on storage space and costs.


We are an environmentally friendly organisation with a wealth of experience in the supply chain and logistics industry allowing us to provide you with advice and affordable storage solutions.


Contain-it also buys Returnable packaging for refurbishment, recycling and reuse

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