Metal Cages/

Metal cages fit seamlessly into a distribution system to transport goods between locations. They are offer an excellent solution in the manufacturing industry and can be tailored to fit specific customer requirements. Contain-it has vast experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke metal cages in the Automotive and engineering sector.

Roll Cages/

Roll cages are an essential part of the distribution supply chain. Used extensively throughout industry to deliver from distribution centre or manufacture to point of sale or end user. Contain-it has many years experience designing and supplying roll cages to Retail, Automotive after market, and many of the global logistic operators.

External Dimensions:

Jumbo Demountable roll cage

Jumbo Demount

800mm X 1200mm X 1800mm

Jumbo Security roll cage

Jumbo Security

800mm x 1200mm x 1800mm

Nestable 3 Sided roll cage

Nestable 3 Sided

735mm X 850mm X 1690mm

External Dimensions:

Security Nestable roll cage

Security Nestable

735 X 850 X 1690

Standard Demountable

Standard Demountable

(1520 or 1690 or 1815) x 715 x 800
Options on 2 or 3 sided